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Our team of engineers have rigorously designed high-quality botanical processing machines, and meticulously sourced lab equipment, fittings, and parts. Our products have been site tested in-house to ensure exceptional function and reliability. We provide products and design solutions for any extraction or distillation requirement, from pilot to industrial scale.

Lab Society G3 Series

Short Path Distillation Kit

The G3 Series Short Path Distillation Kit series is the most comprehensive, innovative, and efficient short path kit Lab Society has ever released. All G3/G3X/G3X-R Short Path distillation kits are certified and peer-reviewed to NRTL standards.

PDX Gold 

PDX Gold transfer and recovery pumps are a potent addition to any processing lab. These powerful systems pair perfectly with the industry's leading hydrocarbon extraction systems by decreasing your recovery time and increasing your profits instantly. Contact us for a quote and for more information on the full line of PDX Gold products today.