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Creating, operating and maintaining a profitable extraction lab or cultivation comes with its fair share of challenges. With our breadth of knowledge related to METRC, city and state regulations, fire codes, life safety, SOPs and safety protocols, our extraction consulting professionals have the experience to streamline your project. Our dedicated team is eager to help design and engineer innovative solutions for any problem! We specialize in mechanical and electrical design. Reach out to get started today with our extraction consulting team.


High quality extraction equipment is nothing without competent, well-trained extraction technicians to turn green into gold. The nuances and complexities behind extraction can often be difficult to grasp but with extraction training from our team we will ensure that you get the helping hand needed to open the valve to success. With a cutting edge understanding of extraction, distillation, remediation, conversions and standard operating procedures you are a phone call away from refining your team into a well oiled machine.

Extraction Consulting | Equipment Training & Machine Repair/Parts


Our specialized technicians have the know how to maintain and repair your  extraction machines, vacuum pumps, distillation apparatus, and any other equipment around the lab. We can organize a maintenance schedule to keep your operation running smoothly with more uptime, perform on site maintenance according to the schedule, and repair any faulty equipment as needed. Reach out today to tackle your maintenance headaches or discuss replacement parts for your extraction equipment.


Here at The Extractory we are equipped to design and engineer solutions that are unique to your process. Whether the scale is large or small, our team of knowledgeable experts will help you bring your vision to life. We are eager for the opportunity to boldly face any challenge presented. Our reliable, punctual and friendly customer service team is ready for your call today. Schedule a consultation with our extraction experts!

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